donderdag 22 september 2011

Pipe Chacom Oscar by Tom Eltang

The renown French pipe factory Chacom is making pipes now for almost 200 years. Chacom pipes always have a good quality and some very beautiful designs. But pipe smokers are always looking for something special, they want a special shape, design or technic. Most pipe factories react on that and started to work with freehand pipe makers. This combinations gives the customer the possibilty to buy a special designed pipe, because it is less expensive.
Chacom combined their experience and knowlegde with Tom Eltang. Tom Eltang is a great Danish pipe artist, who worked before with Stanwell (Featherweight pipes). Eltang is one of the most talented Scandinavian pipe artist.
The model Eltang designed and Chacom produced is named Oscar. It is a great piece of art and has a very good quality. The serie consist 4 pipes all in the same shape and design, from rustic to smooth. Eltang named the serie Oscar, because his grandson was born on the same day he designed this beautiful shape.

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