maandag 19 september 2011


The Royal Dutch Pipe Factory by the house of Elbert Gubbels & Zonen B.V., established in 1870, is known for her innovating shapes and finishes, but also for the classical tobacco pipes in which a tradition of 4 generations craftsmanship is shown.

The company grew steadily and after its 100th anniversary (in 1972) they were granted the predicate "Royal", the prerogative appointed by the Queen of the Netherlands of which they are very proud.

Over the years production has changed in the same way the smokers have: the traditional pipe smoker used to be a simple man smoking a simple pipe but nowadays pipe smokers (male and female) take time for enjoying their pipe. The cleaning, filling and smoking has become a ritual and the pipe emphasises ones personality and lifestyle. As a result pipe makers also had to improve the quality and follow the fashion.

E. Gubbels & Zn.B.V. has no trouble doing this, their products are handcrafted with the greatest care and dedication by some 60 employees. Their brands Big Ben, Hilson, Royal Dutch and Amphora belong to the top of their field and no less than 70% of their production is exported to all the countries in Europe, the United States, Canada, South-America, the Middle East and Far East.

E. Gubbels & Zn. B.V. is one of the leading producers and as world-wide suppliers of premium smokers' accessories, today their products are available in many countries.

By using a product of E. Gubbels & Zn.B.V. you are guaranteed to have a great quality product and a distinguished good taste.

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