woensdag 30 juni 2010

Postcard: Tobacco Field

A field of fine tobacco in bloom.
Published by Asheville Post Card Co., Ashville, N.C.

Magazine: Tabak & Gemak March 2010

Dutch magazine for tobacco resellers. Special about longfiller cigars (Cuba) and the history of tobacco in the Netherlands (part 3)

Magazine: Tabaktueel Magazine December 2009

Dutch magazine for tobacco resellers. Topics like Johnny Depp and Agio Cigars

Magazine: Tabaktueel Magazine March 2010

Dutch magazine for tobacco resellers.

Magazine: Tabak & Gemak Februari 2010

Dutch magazine for tobacco resellers. Topics like dutch tobacco history (part 2) and the history of cigar making in Valkenswaard (part 3). Johan Derksen on the cover.

Postcard: Tobacco Field

Tobacco field showing curing barn in background.
Published by Asheville Post Card Co., Ashville, N.C.

dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Magazine: Dutch Zippo News - Number 2 - 2000

This is the second magazine from the Dutch Zippo Collector club. Information about collectors and also the Swap Meet.

zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Postcard: Greetings from Columbia Basin, Wash.

Tobacco Fields.
Scenic Art, Richmond, California

donderdag 24 juni 2010

Flyer: Zippo Hot Summer Collection 2010

Extra flyer for the summer sale for the European Preferred Zippo Depots.

Postard: A Connecticut River Valley Tobacco Farm

Info on the back of this postcard: These tented fields are a familiar sight in this area which is world renowned for shade grown tobacco.
Pub. by NATCO, Natural Color Cards Co., Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

woensdag 23 juni 2010

Catalog: Zippo Summer Collections 2010

Small catalog with 18 zippo lighters, specially for the european Preferred Zippo Depots. These zippo lighters have modern designs.

Postcard: Man Smoking a Tobacco Pipe

Postcard Molunkus Harry - Portraying the Typical Oldtime Maine Woods Guide! Skilled in all phases of outdoor life and possessed of an emphatic vocabulary. Copy of Oil-Painting by Wes Herrick.
Genuine Color Cards by Eastern Illustrating, Belfast, Maine.

Magazine: Tabak & Gemak June 2010

Dutch magazine for tobacco resellers.

dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Catalog: Zippo Lighter Collection 2003 Small

This a small catalog from zippo Germany/Europe. The name in flame catalog is from the year 2003.

donderdag 17 juni 2010

Brochure: Big-Ben Pipes

Small brochure in several languages how to smoke a pipe from Gubbels, Big-Ben. I have 150 models of Big-Ben in stock.

woensdag 16 juni 2010

Postcard: Tobacco Barns in Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts

Published by Luster chrome, Tichnor Bross., INC., Boston, Mass.

dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Postcard: Interior of a Southern Loose Leaf Tobacco Warehouse

Postcard published by Asheville Post Card., Ashville, N.C.

Catalog: Sarome Lighter Collection 2008-2009

Great Japanese lighter for a nice price. Good catalog with lots of lighters.
On my dutch website I have a nice collection Sarome Lighters.

zaterdag 12 juni 2010

Postcard: Tobacco Connecticut Valley

A close up view of shade grown tobacco in the connecticut valley.

Catalog: Zippo Depot Collection

Zippo catalog for special zippo stores. 19 pages with zippo lighters.

Here can you find my Zippo Depot Collection, this website is in Dutch.

Book: W. van Amerongen - Ritmeester Intimus

Dutch rare book about the history of the Dutch cigar factory Ritmeester. This is very interesting book with lots of information.
Kool, Veenendaal, 1998

vrijdag 11 juni 2010

donderdag 10 juni 2010

Magazine: Cigar Aficionado April 1998

The famous cigar magazine with topics like: Stallone, golf resorts, collectible watches, Vabernet, classic cars, and Torpedo ratings.

woensdag 9 juni 2010

Zippo Design Proof: Zippo Mestreech

This is a design proof from zippo. I have designed a few zippo lighters, this one is from the town Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Magazine: Cigar 4/2009

This is a Swiss magazine about cigars, especially longfillers. They have tested 38 robustos. There are articles about snuff, French cognac in cobination with cigars, pipe tools and cigars from Honduras.

maandag 7 juni 2010

Catalog: Zippo Collection 2010 Spring

This is a catalog with better and more beautiful zippo lighters in the last years. All are available in my shop. I am going to show one limited edition, it is a real beauty.
This is the zippo Gothic Skull

Magazine: Tabak & Gemak May 2010

Dutch Magazine for tobacco resellers. I am not allowed to mention the tobacco topics, because we are not allowed to advertise about tobacco product from now, only from the past. The law in the Netherlands is very strict about that.

zaterdag 5 juni 2010

Magazine: Tabaktueel Magazine May 2010

Dutch magazine for tobacco resellers.

vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Advertising: Vauen Pipe of the Year

This is a beautiful adverting of The pipe of the year 2010. Vauen is a German pipe maker, that makes splendid tobacco pipes.

I have a large collection Vauen Pipes for sale.

Brochure: The Zippo Lighter Collectors' Guide

Small booklet with lots of information about zippo lighters. You can read about the history of zippo, zippo lighter identification codes and lighter clubs.

donderdag 3 juni 2010

Book: The Pipe Companion by David Wright

Covers more than 50 master pipe makers, with details on raw materials, design philosophies, carving techniques, manufacturing methods and current market values.
Features more than 125 full-color photographs of beautifully styled and exquisitely pipes.
Includes a resource guide with suggested readings, a glossary of terms, and up-to-date contact information for each pipe maker.
Contains practical advice for choosing, smoking, and cleaning your pipes.

Postcard: Typical Tobacco Field, "in Old Kentucky"

Publisher: E.C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee, Wis., USA

Information on back: Kentucky is the largest producer of Burley tobacco in U.S.A. and brings a higher average than any other Burley grown elsewhere. The three largest Burley tobacco markets are at Lexington, Mayville and Shelbyville, Ky., where more Burley is sold than in other U.S. markets combined.

Brochure: Cigar - Zippo Blu

Small advertising booklet to promote the zippo blu. Here can you see how they want the connect the zippo blu with the cigar. This booklet is written in the German language.

Brochure: 10 Tabacs de Qualité

This is a small booklet with 10 pipe tobacco's recommanded by a French organisation of pipe makers, La Confrérie des Maître Pipiers de St-Claude. You can find the following tobacco's inside: Amsterdamer, Amsterdamer Royal Mixture, Narval, Narval Virginie, Caporal Export, St-Claude Confrérie Recette Nordique, St-Claude Confrérie à l'Ancienne, St-Claude, Bergerac Bruyere and Supérieur Pipe

woensdag 2 juni 2010

Brochure: Pipe Amphora

Dutch brochure about the Amphora tobacco pipe. This pipe uses a special air regulation system (ARS). These special pipes are made by Gubbels in the Netherlands. The pipes are named like the tobacco from Douwe Egberts, Amphora.
Here can you see the the ARS works.
You can find here my Amphora Pipe Collection.

dinsdag 1 juni 2010

Catalog: Zippo Depot Collection

Zippo catalog for special zippo stores. 19 pages with zippo lighters.

Here can you find my Zippo Depot Collection, this website is in Dutch.