woensdag 30 november 2011

Pipe Stanwell Christmas

This time of the year is always special for the pipe lovers, because in this periode there are always appearing great Christmas editions from several pipe brands. Most famous for their Christmas edition is Peterson. But now I have some real beauties from Stanwell. The Stanwell X-Mas pipes are really great. I love them! Especially the rustic version is very beautiful, rustic is normally not my kind of favorite, but this one is very well made.
I think both pipes are ver expensive, but it will be worth.

zaterdag 26 november 2011

Zippo Special of the Month November

The new Zippo Special of the Month is again available. The November release is a beautiful lighter with a snow boarder. This satin chrome Zippo has been bi-tone engraved, so you can perfectly see the image in black and gold coloured teints.

woensdag 16 november 2011

Zippo Limited Edition Lion on Top

There is some great art work done. I was amazed how beautiful it was, I need to show it. I have many limited editions, but this Zippo is really awesome. It is a high polish chrome Zippo lighter with a beautiful lion on top. Normally there are always emblems on the front, but not often you see them on top. This is a must have for each collector, but those are very rare, only 500 pieces were made.

donderdag 10 november 2011

Early Freehand Pipes from Big Ben

Today I was very lucky. I got a visit from the sales representive from Gubbels, the company who is manufacturing Big Ben. They recently moved to another building and they find a lot of older stuff, what is really great. At the moment Big Ben isn't making any freehand pipes, but in the early years they did. I could buy the whole bunch, and sure I did. It was for a lot of money, but it was worth buying it, because each pipe is very special and unic. There are pipes with beautiful grains, birds eyes and of course very great shapes and designs. There are a few pipes listed, but I will add more the next few weeks: Pipe Big Ben Specials & Freehands

vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Zippo Special of the Month October

Each month there is a special edition from Zippo Germany, only a few shops in Germany and the Netherlands will sell this limited edition lighter. The Zippo of the Month of October is the Jim Beam Black. This beautiful has been released again for this special occasion. A regular street chrome Zippo lighter with a very nice emblem. This lighter should be a nice surprise for every whiskey lover.

Each Zippo Special of the Month is packed in a beautiful red box with the shape of the Zippo flame.

zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Pipe Butz Choquin

In 1858 created Jean-Baptiste Choquin with his son-in-law Gustave Butz their first pipe. It was a briar pipe with silver ornaments and there was a part in bone of albatross. The company was founded in in Metz and took the name Butz-Choquin. In 1951 the brand BC was bought by the Berrod-Regad company and moved to Saint-Claude. This company came with new ideas and vision and put this brand again on the map. They also started with the export of these great quality pipes. 10 series became 70 series and this brand got worldwide fame. Since 2002 Fabien Guichon is responsible for the developping of the BC pipes.

I think BC hat some beautiful designs and some great shapes. They always develop something new and interesting. Some pipes are so different, that those are really recognisable. Also the price is good.

donderdag 20 oktober 2011

My Shop

My shop is really small but cosy. At this moment most of my pipes are not in my store, but I am going to change that. I am planning to stop selling magazines and also some candy. There will be more place for more pipes, lighters and pipe tobacco.

You can also follow my shop on Facebook!

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Pipe Tampers and Tools

At the fair in Dortmund I bought some great pipe tools, those arrived today. Those are special because the tools are not factory made. All tools are created or designed by freehand pipe makers, like Tsuge, L'Anatra and Nording. The tools and tampers were made from bamboo, briar and horn. Real collectables! i always love these, because you don't see them every day.

The Tsuge pipe tool and tamper is made of Japanese bamboo.

This is one of L'Anatra's pipe tampers, beautiful smooth briar.

I will be adding more nice pipetools the next few days.

maandag 3 oktober 2011

Pipe Chacom H & H 638

Smooth briar pipe with natural colours made in France by Chacom. Very beautiful mouthpiece, made of horn. 3 mm. filter.

dinsdag 27 september 2011

New Releases Zippo Limited Edition

On the fair I got the chance to order these beautiful Zippo lighters. There is one 80th anniversary, Annual lighter 2011, Jack Daniel's and a dragon from Anne Stokes. All are Limited Editions. This order will arrives in 2 weeks, I suppose.

maandag 26 september 2011

Intertabac Dortmund

I never want to miss the trade fair in Dortmund, it is the place to be for everyone who is dealing in tobacco and smoking accessories. Every brand or company is there. I am not looking for tobacco, cigarettes or cigars, altough I've got some nice samples to taste. I am always looking for new Zippo lighters and pipes.

I bought at a new company, I have never done any business with them, 10 random Zippo sets. So I will get 100 new lighters. Random means that I can't chose, but I hope there will be some nice lighters. As customer you can take advatage of that, because I be selling those for a very nice price. I can't wait to get them in. You can daily take a look here, normally I will list 4 new Zippo lighters daily.

I also bought a lot of new pipes; Butz-Choquin, Design Berlin, Stanwell, Peder Jeppesen, Poul Winslow, Savinelli and only one Roger Wallenstein. I will listed those the next few weeks. Already listed is one Stanwell and one Poul Winslow:

From Lorenzo were no new pipes available. I would like to buy more of them, but I don't like to buy the same again. I expect that a company is looking in the future and would like to grow. Maybe next year.

donderdag 22 september 2011

Pipe Chacom Oscar by Tom Eltang

The renown French pipe factory Chacom is making pipes now for almost 200 years. Chacom pipes always have a good quality and some very beautiful designs. But pipe smokers are always looking for something special, they want a special shape, design or technic. Most pipe factories react on that and started to work with freehand pipe makers. This combinations gives the customer the possibilty to buy a special designed pipe, because it is less expensive.
Chacom combined their experience and knowlegde with Tom Eltang. Tom Eltang is a great Danish pipe artist, who worked before with Stanwell (Featherweight pipes). Eltang is one of the most talented Scandinavian pipe artist.
The model Eltang designed and Chacom produced is named Oscar. It is a great piece of art and has a very good quality. The serie consist 4 pipes all in the same shape and design, from rustic to smooth. Eltang named the serie Oscar, because his grandson was born on the same day he designed this beautiful shape.

maandag 19 september 2011


The Royal Dutch Pipe Factory by the house of Elbert Gubbels & Zonen B.V., established in 1870, is known for her innovating shapes and finishes, but also for the classical tobacco pipes in which a tradition of 4 generations craftsmanship is shown.

The company grew steadily and after its 100th anniversary (in 1972) they were granted the predicate "Royal", the prerogative appointed by the Queen of the Netherlands of which they are very proud.

Over the years production has changed in the same way the smokers have: the traditional pipe smoker used to be a simple man smoking a simple pipe but nowadays pipe smokers (male and female) take time for enjoying their pipe. The cleaning, filling and smoking has become a ritual and the pipe emphasises ones personality and lifestyle. As a result pipe makers also had to improve the quality and follow the fashion.

E. Gubbels & Zn.B.V. has no trouble doing this, their products are handcrafted with the greatest care and dedication by some 60 employees. Their brands Big Ben, Hilson, Royal Dutch and Amphora belong to the top of their field and no less than 70% of their production is exported to all the countries in Europe, the United States, Canada, South-America, the Middle East and Far East.

E. Gubbels & Zn. B.V. is one of the leading producers and as world-wide suppliers of premium smokers' accessories, today their products are available in many countries.

By using a product of E. Gubbels & Zn.B.V. you are guaranteed to have a great quality product and a distinguished good taste.

zondag 18 september 2011

Zippo Special Spider on th Edge

Except the standard catalog zippo lighters there are always special lighters. There has been a lot of zippo lighters with spiders, this one is one of the latest productions. All have beautiful webs and great designed spiders. This limited edition is extra special, not because there were only 1000 numbered pieces made, but the packing is really great. The zippo is packed in a nice metal 3D spider. It loks real great in every collectors showcase!
On the front of the high polish chrome zippo there is a nice gold coloured web and a 3d spider emblem crawling into it. On the back you can see that it is a numbered and limited edition.

Normally I only write in English on this blog, but my dutch blog is not working for a few weeks. So this is the Dutch translation.

Buiten de standaard catalogus zijn er altijd wel aparte Zippo aanstekers op de markt. Er is weer een nieuwe Zippo met een spin geproduceerd. Daar zijn er inmiddels al velen van. Allemaal met een mooi web gegraveerd en een geweldig embleem van een spin. Dat zijn echte collector items, mede natuurlijk ook, omdat het bijna allemaal limited editions zijn met zeer beperkte oplages van maar 500 of 1000 stuks.
Nu is er een nieuwe limited edition van een Zippo Spider. Dit is een Zippo high polish chrome met een goudkleurig web, daarin zit een 3D spin. Wederom helemaal tot in detail uitgewerkt.De Zippo zit in een metalen verpakking in de vorm van een spin. Deze staat geweldig en de vitrine van elke verzamelaar.

woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Amphora's Air Regulation System

The Amphora ARS pipe is a unique pipe specially developed to satisfy the individual pipe smoker. The pipe is a product of the craftmanship of Elbert Gubbels & Sons BV Royal Dutch tobacco pipe factory in collaboration with Douwe Egberts Van Nelle Tobacco International BV. Together they have created the Amphora ARS pipe, a pipe in which the many facets of pipe-smoking come into their own.
This pipe is unique, because it allows each pipe smoker to adjust the tobacco aroma precisely according to his personal taste.

The Air Regulation System
This internationally known system has been positioned where the pipe stem flows into the mouthpiece. Using the slide adjustment on top, the tobacco aroma can be mixed with cool air as desired. Thanks to the smooth working of this slide adjustment, the mixture can be regulated.
As the slide adjustment is opened further, the air supply will increase. Beginners will particularly appreciate this feature used to reduce density of smoke which can initially cause irritation to the tongue. Whenever you wish to increase the smooke density, the air supply can be decreased by closing the slide adjustment. The slide adjustment has been incorporated discretely into the mouthpiece in order to preserve the pipe's stylish appearance.

Bowl, Filter and Mouthpiece
In addition to its ingenious air regulation device, this personal pipe from Amphora possesses the excellent qualities you would expect from a pipe of this class.
The bowl is crafted from 40 year briar wood. Inside, the bowl is coated with a special layer of carbon so the pipe does not have to be broken in.

See my collection of Amphora pipes!