dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Pipe Roger Wallenstein Chieftain's Smooth

donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Pipe L'Anatra 2 Eggs

Pipe Vauen Largo 1203

Pipe Chacom Poker

woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Amphora's Air Regulation System

The Amphora ARS pipe is a unique pipe specially developed to satisfy the individual pipe smoker. The pipe is a product of the craftmanship of Elbert Gubbels & Sons BV Royal Dutch tobacco pipe factory in collaboration with Douwe Egberts Van Nelle Tobacco International BV. Together they have created the Amphora ARS pipe, a pipe in which the many facets of pipe-smoking come into their own.
This pipe is unique, because it allows each pipe smoker to adjust the tobacco aroma precisely according to his personal taste.

The Air Regulation System
This internationally known system has been positioned where the pipe stem flows into the mouthpiece. Using the slide adjustment on top, the tobacco aroma can be mixed with cool air as desired. Thanks to the smooth working of this slide adjustment, the mixture can be regulated.
As the slide adjustment is opened further, the air supply will increase. Beginners will particularly appreciate this feature used to reduce density of smoke which can initially cause irritation to the tongue. Whenever you wish to increase the smooke density, the air supply can be decreased by closing the slide adjustment. The slide adjustment has been incorporated discretely into the mouthpiece in order to preserve the pipe's stylish appearance.

Bowl, Filter and Mouthpiece
In addition to its ingenious air regulation device, this personal pipe from Amphora possesses the excellent qualities you would expect from a pipe of this class.
The bowl is crafted from 40 year briar wood. Inside, the bowl is coated with a special layer of carbon so the pipe does not have to be broken in.

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