woensdag 14 mei 2014

Pipe Winslow Brasil 2014

Each year Poul Winslow makes 2 Limited Edition pipes with a relevant theme. This time it is the theme the World Championship Soccer in Brasil. Denmark won't be there, but Poul will represent his country with two beautiful pipes. From each edition he has made 200 pieces, and each pipe is numbered. One pipe is smooth and the other serie is partly smooth and partly rusticated.Both has a beautiful ring with the colours of the flag from Brasil.The shapes of both series are the same and very typical for the work of #Winslow.

zaterdag 10 mei 2014

Pipe Big Ben United Colors

The famous Dutch pipe factory Gubbels has made a new serie pipes with name "United Colors". The had this succesfull serie before, but the new serie is a little different. This serie is also available in different colours like yellow, red, green, purple, blue and black, but the pipes are matte and not shiny like they used to be. The pipes have a classical shape and a small silver coloured ring.