zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Vintage Lighter: Penguin Holland Souvenir Lighter

Japanese lighter with on the backside emblems of the dutch cities: Middelburg, Valkenburg, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Volendam and Amsterdam.

Zippo with European Number: Zippo 2.000.059

Zippo Scorpion

Zippo with European Number: Zippo 1.300.006

Zippo Playboy Bunnyhead Emblem

Zippo with European Number: Zippo 2.000.421

Zippo Linda Picken Leopard

Zippo with European Number: Zippo 2.001.119

Zippo Elvis Presley Pink

Zippo with European Number: Zippo 2.001.161

Zippo Buffalo

zaterdag 24 juli 2010

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Postcard: Philip Morris Manufacturing Center

Text on the backside: Philip Morris Manufacturing Center, located in south Richmond, Virginia on I-95. The Manufacturing Center is part of an Operations Center, which also includes Research & Development, Finance and Engineering. Currently producing more than 400 million cigarettes a day, the manufacturing facility will have a capacity of 140 billion cigarettes per year, making it the largest cigarette producing facility in the world.

donderdag 8 juli 2010

Brochure: Hoe te genieten van een pijp goede tabak.

How to enjoy a good pipe tobacco. Dutch brochure from Douwe Egberts about pipes and tobaccos.

zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Postcard: Do your cigarettes taste different lately

Postcard posted on July, 28, 1953.
Published by Baxter Lane Company, Amarillo, Texas

Boxes: Cigars Acht Zaligheden

Empty cigar boxes of the great Dutch cigars Acht Zaligheden.

Magazine: Tabak & Gemak May 2009

Dutch magazine for tobacco resellers. History of the cigar factory in Valkenswaard (Holland).

Magazine: Tabak & Gemak Februari 2009

Dutch magazine for tobacco resellers. Special topics: Hans Top from Tobacco Service Holland and Hotel des Indes

donderdag 1 juli 2010

Catalog: Caseti Lighters

Caseti has some great lighters with beautiful designs. I have the whole collection in my shop.

Catalog: Inter-Tabac 2009

Catalog from the international Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessoires in Dortmund.