maandag 26 september 2011

Intertabac Dortmund

I never want to miss the trade fair in Dortmund, it is the place to be for everyone who is dealing in tobacco and smoking accessories. Every brand or company is there. I am not looking for tobacco, cigarettes or cigars, altough I've got some nice samples to taste. I am always looking for new Zippo lighters and pipes.

I bought at a new company, I have never done any business with them, 10 random Zippo sets. So I will get 100 new lighters. Random means that I can't chose, but I hope there will be some nice lighters. As customer you can take advatage of that, because I be selling those for a very nice price. I can't wait to get them in. You can daily take a look here, normally I will list 4 new Zippo lighters daily.

I also bought a lot of new pipes; Butz-Choquin, Design Berlin, Stanwell, Peder Jeppesen, Poul Winslow, Savinelli and only one Roger Wallenstein. I will listed those the next few weeks. Already listed is one Stanwell and one Poul Winslow:

From Lorenzo were no new pipes available. I would like to buy more of them, but I don't like to buy the same again. I expect that a company is looking in the future and would like to grow. Maybe next year.

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