zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Pipe Butz Choquin

In 1858 created Jean-Baptiste Choquin with his son-in-law Gustave Butz their first pipe. It was a briar pipe with silver ornaments and there was a part in bone of albatross. The company was founded in in Metz and took the name Butz-Choquin. In 1951 the brand BC was bought by the Berrod-Regad company and moved to Saint-Claude. This company came with new ideas and vision and put this brand again on the map. They also started with the export of these great quality pipes. 10 series became 70 series and this brand got worldwide fame. Since 2002 Fabien Guichon is responsible for the developping of the BC pipes.

I think BC hat some beautiful designs and some great shapes. They always develop something new and interesting. Some pipes are so different, that those are really recognisable. Also the price is good.

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